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Commercial / Industrial

Commercial / industrial roofing differs greatly from residential roofing. Your Illinois Pro Roofing commerical expert will examine your building’s roof, and suggest the best roofing solution to suit your needs & budget.

Commercial Roofing Specialists

Commercial roofing is something that Illinois Pro Roofing specializes in. We know winter in Illinois. We live here, and we know what a roof goes through.

Our commercial specialists will take the time to meet, and consult, on the right solution for your facility. We have experience in the most popular commercial roofing options, as shown below. We know the importance of a solid, functioning, roof.

Illinois Pro Roofing is ready to help get your roof ready for whatever comes! Our experts can inspect and diagnose your roofing needs, and prepare a solution to ensure many worry-free years of roofing quality. Contact us today to have our inspection team take a look at your roof before the first snow.



Modified Bitumen




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