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Illinois Pro Roofing Services

Our years of experience providing roofing services gives you the advantage. Your Illinois Pro Roofing team has the experience to understand how to best repair or replace your roof, and the dedication to ensure that the job is done once, done right, and done quickly.

Residential Roofing Services

Residential roofing ordinarily lasts between 15 and 20 years, less in areas with wider temperature extremes, or damaging weather events, like Illinois. Proper roofing materials backed up by annual inspections – as well as inspections after major weather events – is key to maximizing your roof’s life, and your investment. To be fully protected from damaging weather extremes, leaks or any other roof related problems, your home needs a top-quality roof. We will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about our roof. Illinois Pro Roofing knows residential roofing and knows how to keep your home’s roof functioning for years to come.

Commercial Roofing Services

While working with fixing residential roofs is challenging, repairing, or installing a roof for a commercial building is a completely different animal.

That is due to three main considerations:

  • Commercial buildings have wider roofs
  • Commercial roofs must be more durable and long-lasting
  • Commercial roofs are usually flat, or very slightly angled

This means that in order to make your building’s roof as long-lasting as possible, more attention is paid to the material used. Where the choices in residential roofing are often cosmetic, in commercial roofing they are far more important. Different roofing materials have different weights, lifecycles, and durability. Our roof contractors team up to provide your roof with the right material solution, while staying on schedule and on budget.

Industrial Roofing Services

Any factory, warehouse, or other industrial-grade facility needs to be as protected as possible. This means that the roof for any factory plant, a warehouse or any other industrial space must be:

  • Durable and well protected
  • Properly checked and maintained by professionals

Illinois Pro Roofing’s team of roofing experts will work with your architects and contractors to develop a customized roofing plan for your new industrial construction. Re-roofing, roof repair, or roof emergency services are also available. Our licensed, professional team of industrial roofing experts has years of experience on all kinds of roofing projects, and we are highly trained in the newest industrial roofing innovations.

Solar Panels

Are you thinking about going solar? Check out Illinois Pro Roofing’s Solar Panels page to learn more about the mechanics of solar energy and how you, too, can power your home or business with the sun!

Solar power works by converting light from the sun into electricity. This electricity can then be used in your home or exported to the grid when it’s not needed. Your home is still connected to the grid, so you maintain power at night, or when it gets cloudy.

Getting started on the installation process can sometimes seem overwhelming! Estimate your savings here, and contact Illinois Pro Roofing today to learn more!

Inspection & Maintenance

As a homeowner, commercial building owner, or property manager, you need to know the condition of the roof. Getting an experienced roofing inspector on site regularly is crucial to maximizing the life of your roof.

For home buyers and sellers, it is crucial to have a professional inspection – home inspectors are not required to climb onto a roof to inspect it properly and completely. They will do as much as they can, from the ground, but only a properly trained and equipped roofing professional can give you the peace of mind of a complete inspection.

Once a roof in inspected, your Illinois Pro Roofing team member will present you with a recommendation of what the next step is. Often, there is nothing wrong, and we will see you next year! When there is an issue, we will go over the problem, and discuss the best approach to fix it. In these cases, having kept up with routine roofing maintenance will go a long way toward keeping your roof functioning for years to come.