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Solar power is increasing in popularity every year. And Illinois Pro Roofing is ready to set up your home or business for solar power generation. Our experts will inspect your roof, and determine if it can support adding solar panels, or what needs to be done to enable the roof to have solar panels added. 

Solar Panel Options

Every state – indeed every municipality – has their own policies and regulations regarding solar power. Illinois is no different.

We at Illinois Pro Roofing want to provide this information as a guide, not a comprehensive review, to how solar panels work, and how Indiana statutes might impact your decision regarding adding panels to your roof. Please be aware, we are not offering legal advice, and if you have legal or regulatory questions, it is best to ask an attorney or someone in the appropriate regulatory office.

So, that out of the way, what is this solar thing all about?

Simply, a solar panel array on the roof generates power from the sun, and routes that power into the electrical grid. This added power is metered, and the amount you add to the grid is deducted from your electrical bill. Unless your building is completely off-grid, your solar array won’t be powering your home directly. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about solar power, and one we run into on a regular basis.

Solar panels are an investment, and one that may take years to realize. They also add weight, and your roofing structure may need to be reinforced to support their weight. Our experts will check that, and let you know if your structure can support a solar array.

If you want to know more, we are always eager to help, just contact us!